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Photo by Marc Ohrem-Leclef

Happy, relaxed clients say:

“Julie, the Prada of Shiatsu!
  —Gaby, Consultant

“Julie is the best practitioner I've found.
Her sessions always put me in an altered
  state of consciousness.

  —George, Video Editor

Having a shiatsu treatment is one of the most
wonderful things you can do to center and calm—
mind, body, and spirit. Julie has helped me do
just that. I am grateful for the balance her work
has brought to my life—I always look forward
to her sensitivity and peaceful presence.
  Shiatsu is not a luxury—it’s a necessity!”
—Miriam, Journalist

“With Julie I feel I’m in the hands
of a professional and a friend.”
—Sarah, Famous Writer & Massage Lover

For more information or to make an  
appointment, please call 917-698-3926.